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Extra Quick Response Type Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

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Extra Quick Response Type Proportional  Pressure Relief Valve

Extra Quick Response Type Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

PPGEE-6 (with position control)

  • Directly operated valves with position feedback and on-board electronics for limiting system pressure
  • Adjustable through the position of the armature against the compression spring
  • Position-controlled, minimal hysteresis < 0.2 %, rapid response times, see Technical data
  • Pressure limitation to a safe level even with faulty electronics (solenoid current I > Imax )
  • Control electronics
     - integrated electronics (OBE) with voltage input or current input (A1 resp. B1)

  • Type PPGEE proportional pressure relief valves are remote-controlled (pilot) valves in conical seat design. 
  • They are used to limit system pressure.
  • The valves are actuated by means of a proportional solenoid with on-board electronics.
  • With these valves, rapid response times with low hysteresis can be achieved.

Basic principle
  • To adjust the system pressure, a setpoint is set in the trigger electronics. Based on this setpoint, the electronics control the position of the armature on the conical seat and on the compression spring.
  • The position control ensures extremely low hysteresis. The magnetic force determines the spring force until a new position is reached.
  • Pressure limitation for maximum safety
  • If a fault occurs in the electronics, so that the solenoid current (I) would exceed its specified level in an uncontrolled manner, the pressure cannot rise above the level determined by the maximum spring force.

For on-board electronics